The president of SchroederDocs, LLC is Joseph Schroeder, nicknamed by colleagues as "The Swiss Army Knife of Documentary Filmmaking." He has managed the production of highly acclaimed educational and informational programming for several years. Beginning with The Independent Production Fund’s CINE-award-winning God in Government in 2004, Mr. Schroeder has specialized in the logistics of documentary filmmaking. After the success of that special, he moved on to coordinate production for the company during its next two endeavors, The Mystery of Love and A Brief History of Disbelief, both of which aired on public television. He then briefly left the company to manage the production of four National Geographic Channel specials for Marabella Productions – The Secret World of Fireworks, Earth Without the Moon, Finding the Origins of Life, and Man-Made Disasters. Since his return to IPF in 2010, he has handled all the logistical and financial components of the company’s latest three productions, including the upcoming Beyond Borders: Undocumented Mexican Americans. In his current role, he continues to coordinate and facilitate all aspects of production and post-production for the company, while also contributing to several other elements of the business.





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