Granny Peace Brigade

This preview tells the story of a group of 18 women who traveled to the Times Square Recruitment Center in New York City on October 17th, 2005, with the intention of enlisting in the United States Armed Forces. The goal was, in their eyes, to enlist in place of young people who should not have their futures endangered by participating in an illegal and immoral invasion and occupation. They were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, prompting a week-long trial that resulted in acquittal. Previously associated with several other peace groups, the international attention this case received brought them together under a new banner -- the Granny Peace Brigade. In the years since that action, these woman have continued the struggle against U.S. injustice and militarism at home and throughout the world.

Mister Bobby


Spend five minutes with the legendary Robert Pace, Jr. – “Mister Bobby” to you and me – and you’re bound to walk away with an ear-to-ear smile after he’s regaled you with one of his tales.  He may be small in stature (we’re being generous if we list him at five feet, two inches) but he’s lived a very big life by most standards.  This 75-year old “character” (in the truest sense of the word) has sung a lifetime full of opera, drove a lifetime full of limos, and told a lifetime full of stories.

While Mister Bobby may occasionally drop a recognizable name (Frank Sinatra, Jackie Kennedy, Albert Anastasia), it’s when he talks about the Bronx neighborhood he grew up in that solicits the biggest smiles.  Bobby takes us back to a time when the community surrounding Arthur Avenue watched out and took care of their own – when “community” really meant what it is supposed to mean.

If you sit down long enough, and get through enough stories, Mister Bobby will start to chew your ear about our country’s national anthem.  As a boy, Bobby sang the national anthem in the park that is now today’s Yankee Stadium.  As much as Bobby loves his community, a love of his homeland shines through when he describes his “quest to restore the national anthem.”  Bobby is not shy about his quest – before his journey on this earth comes to an end, he would like to “bat for the cycle” and sing the national anthem just one time at Yankee Stadium, and take whatever proceeds he can muster from the appearance to helping today’s music students understand the importance of our nation’s first song.  This film will follow that journey, and document all the faces Mister Bobby inspires along the way.